The Mission

Have you ever hit that time in your life when you realized there was a point? That point where you started to get a glimpse of the purpose to our life? Well, I have hit that point. It started this summer while I was at Camp Tekakwitha, but now it still proves true. This life is more important than we could ever know. This life is for Him, our Father, our Creator, the Son of God. What is this life for if it isn’t lived for him? Exactly, it’s impossible. Sure people do, but are they really getting the point? No. There is much more. God sent us down to be disciples of the faith and to spread His works and word to all. Now to some that might be perceived as becoming a nun, sister, brother, priest, or deacon, but you don’t have to have one of those titles to do this. It starts in our homes, schools, and community. We share the love of Christ by the way we treat those around us. Do we help them in times of need or are we just so caught up in our own lives that we don’t care? God calls us to be His hands and feet; therefore, we are His. As brothers and sisters we stand as one. Why would we treat someone any less? After all, we are all loved with the same amount of love. Yes, you are loved by God with the same of amount of love as Pope Francis.

We want others to feel loved just as we would want to. So think about that the next time you speak and act. Is it necessary and will it lead me closer to the Kingdom? If those things don’t stand true, then don’t do it. Everything we do is for God. He gave His WHOLE life up for us. No not half of it but ALL of it. He literally was nailed to a cross and died just so you might live today. That’s the most authentic example of love there is. There is no doubt about it. What would we do without God? For me, I know that I wouldn’t be able to function. God is my everything. I call to Him in every situation, in which, I don’t know how to act. He always leads me into making the best decision even if it wasn’t how I planned it to turn out. I pray to God all the time. Through the prayer we have developed a very solid friendship. God is my go to. He has taught me to love and in Him I find true joy. If it weren’t for God and His great love, I wouldn’t be the person I continue to grow to be today. He has showed me that there is much more to life.

Almost 15 years of life has shown me so much. I have seen a lot, and I know that there is only more to come. There will be many hills and valleys, but through it all he is there. Every day I continue to learn more about God and his great love for me. He has lead to me to best people. I honestly have never met the most faith filled, joyous, all in, kind, and kindred people in my life. I meet those kinds of people through Him. My relationship with those people are rooted in our faith lives. We have met through Jesus. Now how cool is that? Jesus has brought me to some amazing role models, and friends that I will never let go of. All of them are living saints and show the true meaning of a life lived for Christ.

I am a proud Christian. Spreading God’s love and words are important to me. With this strong call to spread His life to all, I have been discerning what God is calling me to do. As of right now, the calling is to help others through missionary work or working with kids as a youth minister to spread God’s life and love to all. I especially find it important to reach out to the kids. I have been so blessed with many awesome college kids that strengthen my faith, and having them is a very enriching experience. It is important to me that I pass on that love that I have received to other kids so they can feel the same way I do. It is an amazing experience and can really change your life as it did mine.

God is good. Never forget that. He is always there for you, and loves you more than you could know. Offer your life for Him. When you do, you will be amazed with all the graces you feel when living for Him.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Pray for Us.

-Anna Zacharias

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