Time for Our Lord

It’s 9:30 A.M. Alarm clock goes off. You lay there thinking, “It’s already time. Ugh.” Picking up your phone you check and see if anyone liked your Instagram post from last night. As you are checking that out, you see a picture on someone else’s account so you scroll through all the new posts. By the time you have done all that, it’s already 11:15, but you still have yet to check Snapchat. All the snaps take about another hour and so you leave your room at 12:15. You go to eat something, then head out for a whole day with your friends, and return late that night.

It seems that sometimes our lives are so busy. We are constantly checking all social media for approval from our friends, and always caring about what others think. Now, when we take the time to sit back and think about our day what do we see? Did we give God time or did we just carry on about our day not even giving our Creator a simple minute of thanksgiving? Those are the questions we need to be asking ourselves at the end of the day. I know that everyone is busy. I am a pretty busy myself, but the busyness of our lives should not take away from that time. We need to make time in our day for Him. That could be a simple two minutes in the morning or before you go to bed. It could be two hours in adoration each day. Make those minutes and hours count. Thank the Lord for all He has done for you, and show your love for Him. The way everyone spends this time can be different. I love to write and sing so I usually write a few things down in my notebook, and sing some Christian songs. In those moments, I feel closest to our Creator. It is whatever is best for you. Some people prefer a silent quiet place to pray when others like a more lively atmosphere.

When you are talking to God make sure to truly express your gratitude for Him. I once heard this saying, “God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one of them to say thank you?” That quote from Dr. William Arthur Ward really struck me the first time I heard it. Honestly, we have long days. 86,400 seconds to be precise. That’s a really long time. Now, I don’t think I know anyone that can’t give up at least 60 seconds of their day for God. I mean, He is the Creator of our lives. He created you and me all for a purpose and to become saints. Are we going to offer Him some time in our day or just forget about Him? By not praying, thanking, and showing your love to God each day, you are showing that whatever you are doing is more important than Him. You are showing that your life is more important. The life that Jesus gave to you by dying on a cross means nothing to you. You are showing that you are better. You are better than God. Is that the outlook we want to have? No, absolutely not. We want to offer up our lives for Him. Everything we do in this life is a reflection of God; therefore, we should do as Jesus would do. We shouldn’t do certain things for attention, but we should because it’s what we do as Catholics. We act as God’s hands and feet and are an example of Him to all the people here on Earth. Why would we let the things of this world distract us from our true potential? It is in our Lord that we find our true happiness, joy, and who we were called to be. Indulging in the silly things of this world are just slowly and slowly leading us further and further away from God. That’s not what we should strive to do. So take that time out of your day to be with our Lord even if that means less time on social media. Today let’s especially focus on being examples of saints and showing that we care for all our God has done for us by living our life for Him.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Pray for Us.

Praying for you,

Anna Zacharias

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