I’m sure you have heard the word wonder a lot in your life. It is more frequently used in the context of being curious about a certain subject or an event, but this word means so much more than that.

July 20, 2017, one of the best days of my entire days in my life. It began normally as I spent one of my final days at my favorite place on earth, Camp Tekakwitha. Well, I mean it wasn’t so normal, it’s camp for goodness sake! After the sun started to set, I felt this spirit come down upon me. Walking from the campfire to the chapel, I felt this power take over me. As my cabin and I made our way to the front of the chapel, I felt the presence of our Lord ever so with us. We kneeled there staring at our beautiful King, and sat there admiring His great love for us. After a few minutes, they started to play some amazing music. As I kneeled there, I started to cry. Huge tears rolling down my face. I had been so overwhelmed with the presence of our King. I looked at my friend next to me, and we both put our arms around each other. The two of us have been friends for such a long time, and this moment will forever be in our hearts. The time passed, and I had moved over to the opposite side of the chapel. I was now with someone I had met the year before at camp. Now, this person is my everything. She has been right beside me through every moment and hardship in my life. So having her by my side meant so much to me. We both had our arms around each other, and I had my head on her shoulder completely crying my eyes out. I won’t forget that moment when she turned to me and said, Anna, always remember that you are loved more than you know by Him. He is always here for you and will never ever leave you. I love you.” And then she gave me a huge hug, and that made me feel so good. Next thing I know, someone who has become such an amazing friend to me comes up from behind me and asked if I would go up on the altar with her. I agreed to and boy am I glad I did. As we sat up there, she prayed with me and talked to me saying it was all okay. As she prayed over me, I felt this love of a neighbor so profound and beautiful that shows the light in a dark world. When this was over, the two of us went back to this group of close staff members of mine and they all prayed over me. That moment meant so much to me. Following, my friend and I went and sat in the very back of the chapel. We sat there holding hands for a good 30 minutes. Sitting there, the song “Wonder” came on. It talks about how we should never lose our awe and fascination, wonder, for our Lord. As I listened to the words, I really felt blessed. Here I was at this chapel out in the middle of Kansas surrounded by my favorite people on Earth. We all were praising the person who gave us life, the person who we live for, and the person who brought us all together that night and forever. I was overcome with such a feeling to do something more in this world. I now feel that it is so important for all people to feel the wonder of our Lord as I did that night. If I never had that experience, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. The Lord changed lives. He is constantly working in your life right now. Even though you might not see it, He is there. And yes, even in the silence. Know that the Lord is always with you and is always there for you. Never ever doubt Him.

Dear God, I pray that everyone on this earth has the opportunity to be filled with your wonder. Please help us to strive to be servants of your love everyday, and help others reach your heavenly kingdom. In your name we pray, Amen.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Pray for Us.

-Anna Zacharias

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