60 days

60 days until I see the most beautiful sky of stars again.

60 days until I am reunited with some amazing humans.

60 days until I have the most authentic of conversations.

60 days until I take to the heights and jump off 30 foot poles.

60 days until I stand on my chair during meal time, and chant because it’s a normal thing to do.

60 days until I am sitting in a chapel, 54 miles away praising the Lord with my favorite people.

60 days until I drink 8 water bottles a day.

60 days until I see that beautiful sunset over the lake.

60 days until the Lord’s abounding presence is again revealed to me.

60 days until we talk about everything on our hearts and let out our true feelings.

60 days until the funniest stories are told.

60 days until I listen to some amazing testimonies.

60 days until a walk down a path that leads to a life lasting friendship.

60 days until I lose my voice at the P.O.P.

60 days until I go on the Wet Willy and blob people.

60 days until quality time spent face to face with our Lord.

60 days until KP (Kitchen Patrol) becomes a dance party.

60 days until I make the strongest of friendships.

60 days until the Lord’s wonder is truly revealed to me again.

60 days until His reckless love fills the atmosphere and makes me never want to leave.

60 days until I learn the principles of a life spent with Our Lord.

60 days until I am reminded of the Lord’s truth, beauty, and goodness in our daily lives.

60 days until everyone around me has the same goal in mind as I do.

60 days until each person around me is a living saint.

60 days until I am reminded again that Christ is our home, and in times of trouble to always run to Him.

60 days until every moment is a memory you will never forget.

60 days until I encounter the place that has changed my life.

60 days until I am at my favorite place on Earth.

60 days until I am at Camp Tekakwitha.

By now, I think you know that in 60 days, I will be at Camp Tekakwitha which is and means so much to me. It has been such a blessing that I have been able to go to this place for the past four summers. Camp is amazing. If it weren’t for a place like camp, I don’t know who or even where I would be today. That’s something I will never know, but what I do know is what a profound impact it’s had on my life. It’s there that I have met some true friends and incredible role models. It’s there that I had first experienced the depths of Christ’s love for me. It’s there that Christ and I developed and strengthened our relationship. It’s there that I came to understand my true identity and who I was called to be in this life.

I owe so much to Camp Tekakwitha. It has given me so much and been the most rewarding thing in my life. The things I have learned and experienced at camp are so important, so I try my best to spread that love to everyone around me. I know that not everyone gets the opportunity to go to camp which is why I try my best to spread that Tekakwitha love to all I encounter in my daily life. Every year at camp they say not to be retreat hoppers, and go from feeling that “camp high” back to a reality. We are really encouraged to take what we learn to heart and share it with those around us. I truly believe in that. What’s the point to spending a week with the most faith filled human beings around, just being, and then going home and forgetting about everything. That’s the point in which we are to apply it to our lives, and not just be, but soak it all in and live in the moment. I will never get my past camp experiences back, although some I wish I could, which is why I’ve got to live it up when I can. These days spent at camp are the best days I have ever had. There is no other place I would rather spend a week at during my summer than Camp Tekakwitha.

Just wait. 60 days, then I’ll do it all again.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Pray for Us.

-Anna Zacharias

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