What does He mean to me?

Wow, I cannot believe that three weeks of school have already passed by. It’s crazy how fast time flies sometimes. After a good weekend of rest, I really felt the urge to sit down and type this tonight. With starting school I didn’t want to become so caught up in it or the things of the world, and find the time in my life to do this as I would last year. I have found much peace and comfort in writing out the way I feel, and it’s helped me a lot to just have them somewhere to always go back too.

Okay so I have this big connection to Christian music, as I am sure many of you do too. Maybe there is that one particular song that makes you view something differently, one that makes you cry, or one that completely strikes you in incomprehensible ways. For me, I don’t have one song in particular. In fact, I have many of songs that completely change the way I view things.

The other day I was listening to some Christian songs, and the songs “Beautiful Things” and “Do It Again” came on. Those are two of my favorites, and I have a unique connection to both, but that’s another story. Anyways, as I sat there and truly listened to what they were saying, I felt this spirit come over me. I was completely in awe. I was in awe of the beauty and love of our dear Lord. I truly began thinking…

The past few weeks for me, after coming back on fire from camp, have really been a time of great realization. There were so many things I felt had been recently revealed to me, that I seemed to go without seeing before. And it was all about Him. Him and who He is.

I view society sometimes as being like oh you are going to mass this weekend? Doesn’t that have to do with some Jesus guy people say died for us or something? The difference right there is the question mark. These people are truly unaware. They don’t know Him. And it’s not like one day those people will be walking down the street, hit a light post and be like wow, I truly know Him now. That’s not how it works. It’s a process and each day a new aspect of Him is revealed to us. It’s not something that just happens, it takes time. A relationship takes time.

In saying, I have thought a lot about this in the past few days. Who is He? Not only who does society view Him as, but who do I think and know He is? Honestly, it’s completely overwhelming to even try to understand sometimes. I mean this guy, Jesus, loved us so much that He came down to this broken place to teach us the truths and ways of life. Not only that but also so much more. He came down knowing He would die for us.

Now just take a second to think about that. Honestly.

Have you ever sat back and took a minute to think about how much He loves you?

This man gave His life so you could be here right now. And when He was hanging in pain on the cross, He was thinking of you.

I mean what an act of love He portrayed. That is truly the greatest example of love we have. He completely poured Himself out for you and for me. Now that is something to truly hold on onto and never forget.

I was standing in mass this past weekend and that’s what hit me. I was like wow. The reason I am where I am at this exact moment is because someone died for me. At that someone was Jesus. All of the pain and suffering He went through was for us. He did it all for us. And this wasn’t just at the cross. It started at the very beginning of time when He made each thing for us. He created each sunset, sunrise, high tide, and low tide for you even if you didn’t get to see it. He made it for you because He loves you so much.

Listening to “Reckless Love” as it states is all about His love for us and how He is always chasing after us. I love the part when it refers to Him leaving the 99 sheep just to go get the 1 sheep who was lost. That’s just one example. He love is so infinite. And in fact very reckless. But He doesn’t want to keep that love all to Himself as we can see. He wants to share it with us.

Jesus is constantly seeking us in our daily lives. It’s usually not an obvious sign, but the aspects of Him can be seen in everything. It is through those things that He is drawing us nearer to Him. He years for a personal, unique, and fruitful relationship with each of us. He wants you to know Him. There is no one else that loves you more than He does. People may say they love you the most, but no matter how much they love you, He will always love you more.

He is always there. Even in the darkest of time He is there. And it’s not enough to be told He is present and with us through it all. We have to make it a part of our lives. It’s so easy to just go to mass, and say see you in seven days Jesus, or maybe not even pay attention at all because we think we are too cool for that kind of thing. No one is too cool for God. And if you feel embarrassed to show that beautiful faith you have, pray for the courage to show it. Don’t hide the wondrous gift He has given you. It wasn’t meant to be hidden. And if people don’t accept that, lead them to Him. They are the ones missing out so try and do something to bring them to Him. The fact is we all need Him. With Him we find true peace, joy, and ultimately life. And if we aren’t working towards this relationship what Him, what’s this life for?

If we are not finding time to be with Him or make Him our ultimate what we are doing we need to change something up. We need to change our time, our schedules, and find the time for Him. Find that time to connect with Him during your week. The time you give Him, He will give back to you. So put down the phone, homework, social media, and take the time to be with Him. You are truly missing out in this life if you aren’t growing in this relationship with Him. It’s one thing to know of Him and his ways, but it’s another to know Him in a personal way. And that takes effort. A relationship just doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time to build this relationship and it will continue to strengthen over the course of your whole life. But that’s only if you have the drive to keep it going.

Only you can decide that for yourself.

Yes, I am constantly learning more and more about Him, but that part of it is just so incredible. Everyday is a new opportunity to grow in relationship with Him, and we shouldn’t take that for granted. It’s such a divine gift we have been given and it’s not something to belittle. It’s a big deal. The love Jesus has for you is a big deal. You are a big deal. Never forget that or think less of Him and who He has made you to be.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Pray for Us.

-Anna Zacharias

I encourage you to listen to these songs (some of my favorites):

  • Beautiful Things by Gungor (especially at 2:17 when I cry almost every time)
  • Love is Moving by Audrey Assad
  • Just Want You by Sarah Reeves
  • Constant One by Steffany Gretzinger
  • It is Well by Bethel Music
  • Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli

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