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Today is a very important day to my family and no doubt to many others as well. As I know some of you read “choose joy,” where I mentioned my aunt and talked about her briefly. Well, today is the 7th year anniversary of her passing.

My mom was best friends with Sara. And let me tell you, their relationship was so strong and fruitful. I love it when my mom tells me stories about them together and all the fun they had. Honestly, the two of them always had a great time together it seemed. In Sara’s last few days, my mom went up to Iowa to be with her along with her other close friends. Those definitely had to have been some heartbreaking and emotional hours knowing she had to go. Even though they knew it was what God had planned and it was best for her, that doesn’t make it any less hard. I cannot even imagine that feeling.

At the time, I was a little second grader, wondering what this life was all about. Without a care in the world I just lived my life the way I saw everyone else living theirs. I never had experienced the feeling of someone that meant so much to me leaving. And even though I didn’t know her as well as my mom did, I feel like now I know her through a different way.

After finding out that she had passed, I was sad, but didn’t understand my emotions exactly. We went up to the funeral in Iowa and there are several things I remember in particular.

At breakfast one morning at the hotel the music video to Skyscraper by Demi Lovato was on the TV. It was a popular song that fall, but looking back now thinking of the songs lyrics, ironically I can see an evident connection to what had been happening. The words almost seemed to be a living story that had come to an end.

The day of the funeral, I recall being with two of my and my sisters friends, who were the kids of one of my mom’s friends. We talked of Sara and our memories of her which was really cool, but I haven’t seen them since that day.

During the middle of the funeral I completely lost it. I guess I didn’t really understand what it meant until I was there and it was an experience I can’t really describe. After it was over we went to a Mexican restaurant, and I don’t think any of us actually ate. I know I didn’t. I cried the whole entire time.

I cannot imagine what it would be like if Sara was here today. I would talk to her all the time, and we would laugh a lot. We would write, sing, and be absolutely crazy together. We would talk about our faith, and our struggles. It would be incredible, but that was not what the Lord’s plan was. His plan was for her to be here for the amount of time she was here. No more. No less. Therefore, whether I wanted it or not, I knew her for the time I did for a reason. That time that could have lasted for a longer time was not in my hands though. It was in His because He knew what was best.

In saying, she left this amazing legacy here on earth. She was filled with a driving passion, and love for Christ. She cared so much for everyone. She didn’t let the illness control her. She chose joy in every situation no matter how hard. In saying, feel so strongly called to continue out this mission and life she lived. Not to be the exact same way, but to live the way He calls us to and the way she lived out.

It’s hard for me to explain this to you in words, but the two of us are so much alike. We both love to sing, write, praise the Lord, and so much more. And she knew better than anyone else that life isn’t always easy, and it most definitely isn’t. She shows us that even through pain and struggle our true hope can be found in Him. It is never far from us. In fact it’s right in front of us. All we have to do it reach out.

Yes, today is a sad day. But it really isn’t. It’s a bittersweet day. We really do miss her that’s for sure, but now she’s in Heaven. She lived her life to the fullest when she was on this earth. And now she faces the eternal reward. The goal. The mission.

She has met the goal.

She has accomplished (and still continues to) the mission.

She was a fighter, a warrior, and a beautiful daughter of God.

She was a friend to many, and vivid role model too.

She was Sara Frankl, and I am so blessed to have been able to know her.

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of life. Help us to realize that the time you give us is the exact amount of time we need. You make all things beautiful in their time and we thank you for making us yours. Amen.

St. Kateri Tekakwitha, Pray for Us.

-Anna Zacharias

If you haven’t heard her story before, or you want to learn more definitely go check out her book:

Choose Joy by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver

This was the song they played at her funeral, and it has great significance to my family as many others in remembrance of her. It’s a beautiful song talking about the blessings through trials. I tried my best to sing it:

sidenote- it’s the start of the school year and I’m sure that you are all very busy. But if you are ever in need of prayers or anything, please do not hesitate at all to reach out 🙂 And know that I am praying for you by name. You all are such amazing people and I hope you know how deeply loved you are by Him. And that even through the struggles you may be facing in your life right now, He is present and is always there. Even through the pain. He is always there.

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