Taking a Second to Realize

Um yeah okay so I just listened to the SEEK talk from Tina Augustine and possibly maybe bouncing off walls because it was INCREDIBLE. Honestly I got so much stuff out of it and the message spoke so much to me I cannot even express this. Like seriously. I was working on my math homework and then when she started talking about opening up your heart… I had to stop. {not ending up finishing my homework until an hour later because I wrote so much and also because God is more important} That hit me and from that point on continued to do so. I mean the whole entirety of the talk did though like friendships I feel is something I have struggled and fought with for so long but this gave me a different perspective view completely. I am just so fascinated by it all but also the whole part about the lady and her bible study group. How she was able to build up this beautiful community through sisterhood. And that happened in her prayer to God through the wonders of community of women to build each other up. I mean honestly that is amazing. Like even if we could start so small (and things like this are already happening obviously) but how much greater our lives would become. Through the acts of building up a virtuous friendship surrounded through Him ugh. So wondrous. And I know that before winter break I felt so distant from God and like I didn’t know where I was. But over the break I definitely, definitely have found my home back in Him. And there’s nowhere else I would rather be truly. I gathered so much through that and I’ve just got to stay close to Him. And continue to grow and strengthen this relationship. But also through opening up my heart because I feel that’s something I have been horrible at doing OUT-LOUD. At any time we have to share something I close up inside, but I need pray to not be so in fear of what others think/say. Because honestly before listening to this talk I never thought and saw my fear more than I do now. It will be so much easier to see now and I want to work into being more confident and bold in that. And when I cringe back into that hole I will see that I need to come back out in shine into the light. That being who I am and sharing my faith boldly because it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. It should be one thing to treasure and behold. 

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  1. This was what I needed to hear right about now!! Thank you:))

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