Living for the Eternal

(a written adaptation of a witness I gave)

So I actually thought about this topic a couple of weeks ago & with Lent starting & everything I began to hear the words “living for eternity” being used a lot. With this, I knew it was validation this is what I should be sharing with y’all today. Some you guys may remember this if you went or go to my current school, but freshman year in Salvation History we listened to a short portion of a talk from Francis Chan where he talked about a rope & how it represents our life. As I was thinking about this topic, this was one of the first things that came to my mind, so I would like to start this off by giving you the opportunity to watch this illustrated clip- attached below:)

I don’t know about you guys, but when I listened to this again yesterday for the first time since freshman year it kinda got me fired up to “live for eternity.” And yeah, that sounds really cheesy, but it’s true. I mean just think about that. A rope a million miles long & only 1 inch of it represents our life here on Earth, like that’s absolutely crazy! I think about all the days & time I spend mindlessly scrolling on my phone, pondering the judgments of what others might be thinking of me, questioning what to do or say in certain situations… honestly, the list goes on & on. Simply put, this is all because I am human, & I get caught up in the things of the world. Sometimes I recognize it, & other times I don’t. But either way, I still cannot seem to grasp that where I stand now (meaning the Earth) is fleeting & will never truly fulfill the desires I seek. It is very easy for me to sit here & plan out where I want to be in 10 minutes or 30 years, but have I ever asked myself the question where do I want to be when my time on this Earth has passed? It may seem like a simple answer, yes, because who doesn’t want to go to Heaven, am I right? But we cannot just want to go to Heaven. We have to desire it & form our life around that ultimate goal. 

Sure one big goal you have in life might be to marry the most handsome guy, who treats you like a princess & that’s awesome. Chase after that, but chase after it with the Lord. I believe that running towards Christ with people is one of the most beautiful things we as human beings can do because we are striving towards an eternal goal together. In choosing to surround ourselves with like-minded people, we can come to greatly appreciate how the Lord is working not only in our own lives, but in the lives of those around us. When we allow Christ into our “world” we are saying, “Lord, I choose you. I choose you in my relationships. I choose you in my actions. I choose you in my sufferings,” & that is so powerful. 

However, if we do so, the world inevitably will trip us up & try to take away from the good we might be striving for. It is in these moments I am truly being tested that I am reminded of Galatians 1:10 that states, “for am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ.” At first, this verse comes across as a little intense because it seems to suggest that one no longer trying to please men will never fail at being a servant of Christ. But what it is actually saying, is that one who no longer is trying to please men will still be a sinner, but yet a servant of Christ. Being a servant of Christ comes with the simple yes to strive to grow in our relationship with Him & sharing it with others along the way. Knowing that, makes Heaven seem more attainable. Yes, it is definitely easier said than done to surrender yourself to the Lord, & follow where He leads you. As some days are easier than others to do so, while others may present more challenges. 

At one point in time I thought I would be able to stop struggling with this, but the truth is I am still struggling. Guess what though? I am still striving to know Him, serve Him, & share Him. He sees my passion & desire to build up His Kingdom, despite where I have fallen & acted in ways that supported what people in this world wanted from me. He too can see the same things in you. He recognizes your desire to grow deeper with Him. And in fact, all of you are reading this now for that very reason, & we are running toward that truth together. 

If there’s anything you guys take away from this witness, I pray it’s that we were not made for Earth. We live here, but we are not of it. The Lord has called us higher & it’s our decision whether or not to answer His call. 

As a community of faith, I think we have been presented a beautiful opportunity to help one another strive towards eternity. We more than likely get to see one of our fellow sisters or brothers in Christ each day so imagine how amazing it would be if we looked out for those situations where we could be tempted to choose the ways of the world, & said no. And instead, we follow what the Lord wants for us because we recognize that people in our communities are striving to do the same & there is unity in running the race to eternity together. So let’s all join each other in striving to live the inch of our lives in accord with the Lord’s plan, so that the million miles that follow can be spent with Him in Heaven.

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  1. Well said Anna. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is amazing!! So proud of you. Keep sharing your voice. ❤️ Love u

  3. Love this!! Love the video too. So true. Proud of you. Love u❤️

  4. That’s my girl 🙂

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