Crowd of Thousands

The roar of the crowd. The flashing bracelets. The tens of thousands joining in the big sing-along. All added to the ambiance of the Taylor Swift Era’s Tour in Kansas City, a week and a half ago. 

But what happens when the concert is over? No, I’m not talking about PTSD (post-Taylor Swift depression) as some claimed to experience, but rather the lights are dim. The people are gone. The seeming excitement fades away as the singer and crew go on their merry way like nothing really happened. 

When Taylor Swift walked out on the stage that July night I’m sure she felt the whirlwind of support and love from the screaming fans. But does she really feel support and love?

If I were given the chance to sit down with Taylor and could only ask one question, I wouldn’t need hours to stew about what past relationship to ask about or what songs she’s writing. Rather, it would be a simple one: how are you doing? 

Truly. Sounds so simple but I do wonder how she is. How does she go from stadiums of sold-out crowds that LOVE her music and obsessive fans that follow her every move as if they know her, to being alone the next day? Listening to all her music, reading books, watching documentaries, and more can maybe scratch the surface of her life but there’s more to her than the person who sings in sold-out crowds. 

There’s always been a soft spot in my heart for celebrities if I’m being honest. I have read many autobiographies written by certain people that have blown my mind. So much happens behind closed doors and I think many of us can become immune to the fact that just because one might have fame and a large public image, doesn’t mean they have it perfect or the way they would prefer.  I once had the urge to be a famous soccer player. There’s something so attractive about fame when we are at a young age; however, as I’ve grown older I know I would never choose that willingly because of that very point. 

I have always thought about this and had two recent conversations with my friend after the concert and with a coworker about the impact of being around 70,000 people screaming your name and then hours later being all alone. I cannot imagine what that would do to your mind. I sure hope these people have at least one true friend because if not, I’d absolutely be willing. 

And this does not just apply to celebrities of course. This impacts every single person (using Taylor Swift in this example just makes it easier to explain). Though many people seem to have the “perfect” life on social media or act differently to “fit the part” doesn’t mean they have it all together. I mean let’s be honest does anyone really though? 

We all face our own struggles and yes sometimes we might be that person in the large crowd (though it’s probably more like 10 people or so) and then be alone hours later. I know that’s been me before and I’m sure you can think of a time it’s been you. 

Wherever we are in life, I feel it’s imperative we have an awareness of those around us. The Lord gave us an innate desire for community and we cannot live fully without the support and love we receive in friendship. Remember we are all on this journey together so be kind. It’s not going to ever be perfect. Reach out to those you care about and make sure they feel worthy too. 

Everyone deserves to feel important and loved in a crowd of thousands.

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  1. You are amazing! Love you

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