Hello! My name is Anna Zacharias, and I am a high school student. I enjoy playing soccer, running, singing, and also have a driving passion for writing. Writing has not been something I have always done. At the beginning of 2018, I found my love for it. Since then I have wanted to make a difference with it. Faith is something that is so important to me. I am seeking to live the most meaningful life, and can making it all for Him. And in the world we live in today it can be hard. It gets so hard sometimes do not get me wrong. I know, and I struggle very often with this. Everyone does. In saying, we need to be reminded that the Lord is always there. He is constantly seeking this beautiful relationship with us. This relationship is one we NEED. There are times when we can feel very distant from Him and this relationship. It is a common thing to feel and that is when He is truly calling us to run back. A test you could say. Do we realize we are missing Him in our lives or not? Some people around us might think they are too good for giving God their heart and life. It is a sad reality, but they are the ones we should pray for. They are missing out on this incredible life the Lord has for us. We find this life when we give our whole heart to Him. And even though we get so busy sometimes, we must make time for Him. See, the things we truly care about are the things we make time for. And if we were to truly care about this relationship, we would spend time on strengthening it. It is not a one sided deal. God has His mind and heart set on helping you out. He is in it, but He needs you to start the work.

The purpose of this blog is for all to seek their relationship with the Lord more, and explore more ways to draw nearer to Him. Doing that is such a beautiful thing, and so worth it. Worth all the times when someone tries to tell us that what we believe is not true or that the way we are living does not matter. Truly there is nothing better in this life than the Lord and His deep love for us. When we start to understand this, our lives just become so much more filled with the Lord’s abundant joy, peace, and blessings. I want us to start this spark in our world to become warriors for our Catholic faith. In which, constantly spreading the love and life of the Lord becomes a normal thing to do. Not something we hide. And that is so very hard to do sometimes. I definitely struggle with that for sure, but through working together and lifting each other up through struggles we can start a spark.

Thank you for checking this site out! I pray that you are able to learn something from it, and grow in relationship with our Heavenly Father. Feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments, prayer requests, suggestions on what to write next, or really anything! 

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