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  • Crowd of Thousands

    Crowd of Thousands

    The roar of the crowd. The flashing bracelets. The tens of thousands joining in the big sing-along. All added to the ambiance of the Taylor Swift Era’s Tour in Kansas City, a week and a half ago.  But what happens when the concert is over? No, I’m not talking about PTSD (post-Taylor Swift depression) as… Read more

  • Stuck at the Light

    Stuck at the Light

    I have always been fascinated by stoplights. More particularly, the stoplight near my house. Each day, thousands of cars pass through. Green cars. Red cars. And everything in between, each being driven by an individual or maybe not, given “self-driving cars” these days, to a destination. Almost every time I wait at the stoplight, I… Read more

  • Uncovering a Masterpiece

    Uncovering a Masterpiece

    Time becomes more and more of a funny thing as we get older. Moments slip away fast as we strive to reach a goal that seems far out of reach, though it always remains just around the corner. I was thinking earlier this week back to 2020 and reminding myself that I turned 17 that… Read more

  • Pilgrims on a Journey

    Pilgrims on a Journey

    One of my favorite song lyrics of all time is “we’re travelers here, only passing through. And every breath we breathe is coming back to You.” I have always found these words to be so profound because they fully capture the beauty and fragility of life here on Earth. They provide a raw perspective of… Read more

  • Seeking Authentic Love

    Seeking Authentic Love

    February 14th. It’s finally here … the seemingly most dreaded day for all the single people in the world. Your friends, family & others you know might be out celebrating with “that special person” while you are stuck at home all alone wondering will that ever be me? Am I even worthy enough to be… Read more

  • End of the Beginning

    End of the Beginning

    I have always been fascinated by people’s stories. Simply the way that each individual’s daily experience differs, blows my mind and always causes me to intentionally ponder life. Saying that, yes, I would consider myself to be a deep thinker, yet seemingly ordinary things remind me of this.  In the winter of 2020, my mom… Read more