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  • The Journey to You

    The Journey to You

    I haven’t written anything new on this blog for a  V E R Y long time. And yes I have made a lot of excuses for why that is, mainly that “I haven’t had enough time.”  Truth is, that is false. I have had time. I have typed countless things, but have just been too […] Read more

  • Searching for Hidden Grace

    Searching for Hidden Grace

    What a week.  I don’t have many words to describe it.  Actually, I don’t have any at all to even try too.  Emotional for sure, but I think there is more hidden beneath the surface level of things.  Things that in a sense we might be blind to at the moment but are still there… […] Read more

  • A New Adventure

    A New Adventure

    I cannot believe that Lent is actually over.  I mean it did not seem very long… well it kind of did because I could not even recall when it actually started but the time seemed to slip away from me very fast.  And that was all my fault. I started off with a strong belief […] Read more

  • You Matter.

    You Matter.

    If you were to have talked to me at the beginning of April last year, you would have just seen me being my normal self.  I was still that same person who passed you in the hallway everyday with a smile on, laughing and talking to friends. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to you, […] Read more

  • My Testimony

    My Testimony

    My name is Anna Zacharias, and I am a proud Catholic. I grew up in an environment where I was introduced to Jesus and the Church at a young age, and was rooted there.  I was blessed to have gotten the chance to go to Catholic preschool/grade school for thirteen years and now high school. […] Read more

  • Reignited.


    These past two months have been such a whirlwind of emotions that has gone sort of unknown… I mean I went into winter break feeling so down and low in my faith.  I was having such a hard time concentrating on what was truly important and more than anything making time for God in my […] Read more